History: Creativity & Dynamism

Estamos comprometidos con la ecología, y dedicados al desarrollo de tecnologías sustentables para sistemas de limpieza industrial y corporativa.

Founded in 1982 in Colombia, with presence in Mexico since 2005, our company has more than 39 years of experience in different industries. Our offer characterizes by being innovative, integral and with personalized service by offering the most advanced biodegradable products.

We innovate in concepts of maintenance and industrial cleaning.

We offer The Natural Choice® for all industries seeking the best quality standards and ecofriendly processes in cleaning and disinfection.


Fundamental value to our Company. This value builds the trust among our peers, It drives our acts of integrity, veracity and decency.

It is our greatest discipline and it is a big part of our culture and corporate ethics. It represents our image, the image of our allies and of our employees. "The discipline sooner or later beats intelligence" - Y. Kenji.

One of our greatest value is to maintain healthy human relationships and base our success in team work and shared achievements by all our associates. Our capacity to work together for a single shared vision that maximizes the benefit to our Clients, Partners, Suppliers, Society and Environment.