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    Innovative Solutions of Sustainable Luxury

We Improve Processes

We focus on Reengineering Operating Processes (ROP) in key Business Units in order to generate long lasting competitive advantages for our Clients in Sustainable Cleaning chemicals.

To improve progressively our production and efficient consumption of World's resources in order to stop economic growth from depending on environment's degradation and this passes onto our Clients, Employees and Suppliers. Sustained economic growth, inclusive and eco-friendly.

We Improve Products

Promote creativity and innovation applied to improving results on chemical products used in cleaning of different industries and commercial.

We are congruent with UN's Objective 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, by achieving the rational management of ecofriendly chemical products and significantly reduce their spread into the atmosphere, water and soil in order to minimize the adverse effects in human health and environment.


We are capable of decreasing natural resources consumption such as water, propane gas and energy to all-time lows which in turns brings less CO2 emmissions, much less volume of plastics and greater Quality Results.

Fulfilling UN's Objective 13 of Climate Change Actions to achieve a green transition by accelerating the de-carbonization aspects of cleaning while promoting a sustainable and inclusive growth.

Biodetergentes para Limpieza Sustentable

Build your own business with sustainable processes.

We offer consulting to optimization of products and processes tailored to your business needs.

Start communicating to your end-user the Value of Sustainability in your Chain of Operation.

We build brands from top to bottom to offer the best flexibility in design and execution in chemical ecofriendly solutions

Phanaint® es una empresa integral con una gran variedad de Soluciones de Limpieza Sustentable para la industria y corporativos a nivel nacional e internacional.


cubic meters of water saved annually thanks to our Sustainable Cleaning with Bio Detergents.


Increasing productivity in Operation to our Clients annually.

Industria Sustentable

Services and Products Tailored to Each Client

We offer Socially Responsible Solutions to real problems. By caring for human resources and strengthening the applied Cleaning Solutions with constant training to employees and partners.


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Biodegradable Chemical Solutions
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