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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about Phanaint®

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  • The Electrostatic Laundry System is a machine?

    No, it is an Optimization System. (3P): Products, Processes and Persons.

  • Can you create personalized Solutions according to Industry?

    Of course, we generate all sorts of solutions according to your constraints and needs in matters of budget, time, tech requirements, space, volume, distance, quality and security.

  • Can you deliver remote service and assistance?

    Yes, by being a Phanaint® Client you obtain access to our Knowledge Database Q-A, and access to our Tech Assistance Chat to be guided through all the Tech Jargon in order to resolve problems and doubts in daily operation.

  • How are your Clients and Environment benefitted by your service and products?

    1. We achieved a reduction in Washing Time of 60 minutes average total wash cycle to a 15 minute Wash Cycle. Machines are NOT being used 45 minutes anymore per cycle.
    2. We went from High Water Level to the Lowest Water Level. Besides, we only use water once in the whole Wash Cycle while other Companies use 2x up to 5x more water.
    3. We do not use hot water. There is no need. We have processes that use a lot less to achieve greater results in quality and textile care.
    4. Our products biodegrade 80% in 28 days and the remaining 20% will degrade in the following days.
    5. We remove all salt/clay/dust particles embedded in textiles' fibers which allows us to decrease the absorbed water per kilogram of hotel linens, hence, improving dry time, white color, softness and comfort.
    6. We use less chemicals per Liter of Water than any other company in the World. The suspended solids in water decrease dramatically with our chemical solutions.
    7. Our processes promote better water reuse in treatment plants. Recycled water lasts longer with our processes.