turismo sostenible

Sustainable Hospitality


Environmental Regulations and Sustainable Development are an imperative worldwide in Tourism and other Industries, therefore, we have created a specialized team to optimize your business in terms of natural resources consumption, to maximize quality standards and achieve a true Sustainable Tourism, and to transform your Business into a Regional Icon of Innovation.

  • Laundry

    aprovechamiento sustentable de los recursos naturalesOur line of Sustainable and Biodegradable Products with neutral pH, and specialized stain removers that take out most stains without affecting the fibers of the textile.

    Available in different ecofriendly presentations that allow easy and precise dosing by peristaltic pumps automatically to washing machines or Wash-Tunnels.

  • Kitchen and Restaurants

    Products for effective cleaning and disinfection of all areas in an Industrial Kitchen, from planks to floors and windows.

    ciudades y comunidades sosteniblesProducts for Fruits and Vegetables disinfection with the right dosage and constant verification systems. Products for cutlery, dishes, plates, glasses, etc for dish-washing machines.

    Sustainable Tourism implies having the Highest Quality and Innocuousness in each area of a Luxurious Sustainable Hotel.

  • Public Areas and Hotel Rooms

    turismo sostenibleProducts for cleaning, disinfection and aromatization of public and private areas of a Hotel such as Pools, Spas, Sport Center, GYMs, Halls, Lobby, Meeting Rooms, Business Center, etc.

  • Sustainable Tourism Consulting

    desarrollo sustentableWe give the most extensive assessment through our Processes Lifecycle (PLC) developed in each subdivision for our portfolio of products and services.

    An expert is assigned in the matter in order to generate greater competitive advantages for our Clients whom will follow-up before, during and after the Onboarding or Start-Up Phase of the Project.


    We prepare staff with the knowledge, practice and tools necessary to be able to face new changes in their work area that allow them to innovate, renew and improve their final result and quality.

    Continuous support is given to each project for new people who join or people who require reinforcement of knowledge and experience.

    Learn environmental regulations and generate actions to have a sustainable development that grants greater use of natural resources.

  • Online Assistance

    We present the easiest First-Responder Guide to our clients in their continuous learning and improvement process.

    blankWe provide access to a database of simple and easy-to-follow questions and answers that will allow the user to quickly establish a frame of reference for their question and locate the most ad-hoc answer to their situation. Should you require further assistance, you will have the option to escalate technical assistance with a representative.